How To Uninstall the ManageEngine agent on macOS

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My employer recently ran a trial of the ManageEngine Desktop Central UEM product. We decided not to continue the trial and I logged into the console to uninstall the agent. Unfortunately the user interface was locked down and required an extention. I couldn't get immediate access to the console so I had to go command line!

Recommended Method

ManageEngine has a couple of knowledge base articles written up on this topic but I don't think it's updated for macOS Ventura. The steps recommended by ManageEngine are below:

  • Login into the computer as administrator and open the terminal.
  • Navigate to the directory /Library/DesktopCentral_Agent/uninstall
  • Type sudo chmod 744, and enter administrator password when prompted.
  • Type the command sudo ./, this command removes all the files except logs.

Unfortunately for me, I do not have directory- /Library/DesktopCentral_Agent/uninstall

My Fix

After browsing the web, I ran across a comment on a thread in a forum that suggested to remove the agent folder completely and reboot. The command below worked for me and I no longer have the agent installed.

sudo rm -rf DesktopCentral_Agent